From Spiral Agitator:

Occurrence of Delusional Fixation Involving Winchester Cathedral

He’s scolding a cathedral. He blames the cathedral for his depressive state, which he insists could have been averted by the intervention of that edifice. A woman with whom he’d been emotionally involved has left town. Had the cathedral merely started ‘ringing its bell’, he reasons, the woman would not have departed; hence, the possibility of a reconciliation – or perhaps some form of ego-gratifying harassment – would still exist. Logically, he admits that the cathedral could not have been cognizant of the extent to which he ‘needed that gal’. Nevertheless, he reprimands it for simply standing and watching as the object of his desire walked past on her way out of the city. ‘You could have done something!’ wails the abandoned lover. Justified or not, such derision elicits a peculiar empathy: one cannot help but feel sorry for the old cathedral, its mute architecture bearing the brunt of broken-hearted humanity’s deranged plight.